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Be a Smart Working Productivity Ninja

Annie Leeson, CEO of AgriCarbon and co-founder of Leesman Index, talks to Philip Vanhoutte about her use of time and place to maximise flexibility, productivity and wellbeing.

Annie is an exemplar ‘Productivity Ninja’, extremely conscious about the precious value of her time and how to make the most of it. CEO of AgriCarbon and Co-Founder of the Leesman Index (her surname provides half of the latter’s company name, in case you’ve ever wondered!), she is well known for her excellence in research and consulting as part of GoodThinking services.

At the May 2022 of the Euroepan Smart Work Networwk, Annie shared  her know-how work rituals, nature@work settings and fascinating purpose-built work studio, in conversation with Philip Vanhoutte.


Annie’s practical commitment to the environment comes through both in her approach to work and wokrplace, and also in the fascinating work of AgriCarbon which combines deploys robotics to quantify total tonnes of soil carbon for farms to access new carbon capture revenue possibilities.


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