Video Resources

A collection of videos from our meetings and elsewhere, to share ideas and help you develop your Smart Working programmes.

Making Hybrid Work – and Work Smarter

Recording of the European Smart Work Network meeting from November 2022. Featuring Ian Baker, Head of Workplace at EMCOR UK with an insightful case study of workplace change at United Utilities. Plus Andy Lake, Director of & Founder of the Smart Work Network, mapping a Smart Working way through the divisive question of “how many days should we be in the office?”

Workplace Transformation at Grupa Ziwiecz/Heineken

People Director Andrzej Borcyck presenting to the Network in March 2022 about the workplace transformation at Poland’s Grupa Ziwiecz, part of theHeineken group.

Walk Your Meeting!

Author Martine de Vaan in conversation with Philip Vanhoutte at the January 2022 meeting of the European Smart Working Network, exploring the benefits of walking meetings.

There’s both art and science to this, encouraging both work effectiveness and personal wellbeing. You’ll find about the rationale, techniques and more. A more than smart antidote to sedentary working. 

Booking Systems – Kirk Laker, East Suffolk Council, followed by Speaker Panel Session

Our January 2022 European Smart Work Network meeting featured an exploration of the booking and resource management systems implemented at East Suffolk Council as part of their move to Smarter Working. 
Kirk Laker, IT systems developer, took us through the issues and the features of their chosen system.
This is followed by the Panel Session for open questions, featuring Nigel Oseland, Martine de Vaan, Kirk Laker, Philip Vanhoutte and Andy Lake, with Ben Hutchinson in the chair.

Going Remote First at Cimpress and Vista

Cimpress is a group of more than a dozen businesses serving tens of millions of customers around the globe. The largest and best-known of these is Vista (formerly Vistaprint).

Previously having very traditional and place-based working practices, Cimpress and Vista made an early decision in 2020 to embrace remote working, and adopt a “Remote First” strategy.

In this video, from the December 2021 European Smart Work Network, Paul McKinlay discusses with Andy Lake the Cimpress/Vista journey into Remote First, and what this means in practice.

Paul is VP Communications and the first Head of Remote Working at Cimpress and Vista.

Flexible Working and the Office of the Future at the European Commission (work-in-progress case study)

Since 2018 the European Commission has been developing a programme of modernisation of its ways of working and developing more dynamic and collaborative offices.

This has involved moving from very traditional working practices and individual cellular offices to much smarter ways of working, accelerated by the experience of remote working during the pandemic.

In this presentation at the December European Smart Work Network meeting, Stephen Collins, Acting Director of Organisational Development at the Commission, set out to members the rationale, achievements and challenges of this programme.

Click here to download Stephen’s presentation.

A Panorama of Hybrid and Smart Working

At the December 2021 European Smart Work Network meeting, Andy Lake, Director of and Founder of the Smart Work Network, presented an overview and analysis of current implementations of “Hybrid Working”, and how they are measuring up against the transformational approach to Smart Working. 

There are choices to be made, he warns, about whether to anchor your new ways of working in the old ways or to challenge traditional assumptions and embrace the possibilities of the new. Where does your organisation fit on his Hybrid/Smart Maturity scale?

Click here for further details of Andy’s presentation.

Activity-Based Working and the Future of Smart Working

Watch the video of the May 2021 European Smart Work Network Open Meeting (1.5 hrs).

Here there are presentations from Roel Geenen and Marco van Gelder (Veldhoen + company), Dr Peggie Rothe (Leesman), Andy Lake ( and Smart Work Network) and Philip Vanhoutte (Ozadi and Smart Work Network).

Click here for further details of their presentations.

Lessons from the Leesman homeworking survey

The Leesman Index, designed to measure and benchmark the workplace experience in corporate offices, has been adapted to measure employees’ experience working from home during the pandemic.

Here Philip Vanhoutte interviews Leesman CEO Tim Oldman about the lessons emerging from the homeworking survey, which now has more than 160,000 respondents.

Putting Leadership as a Service into practice

Mark Dekan, CEO of media company Ringier Axel Springer in conversation with Philip Vanhoutte, co-Founder of the European Smart Work Network, at our meeting in February 2021