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Catchup: Spotlight on Smart Working Leadership

New ways of working require new approaches to leadership – and that was the focus of our September 30th open meeting of the European Smart Work Network. Our great international line-up of speakers put the spotlight on leadership as a service, essential distributed leadership competences, and the new human-centric management skills coming into focus around driving wellbeing and happiness.

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Here’s the programme for the session:

Leadership as a service

Mark DekanMark Dekan, CEO (Chief  Executive & Chief Engagement Officer) of Central European media group Ringier Axel Springer

Smart Working involves managing by results and developing a culture of trust. It’s a significant shift away from traditional “command and control” techniques of leading people. Mark in conversation with Philip Vanhoutte talks about the key elements of “servant leadership” as it has been applied at Ringier Axel Springer, and how it is central to  their smarter ways of working.

Developing Distributed Leadership Competencies

Laura HambleyDr Laura Hambley, Partner at Humance’s Leadership & Team Development practice

Laura founded with Dr Tom O’Neil, founder of the Virtual Team Performance, Innovation, and Collaboration Laboratory at the University of Calgary, to offer tools and a methodology for assessing and training people who manage geographically distributed teams. Laura offers insights into what the key competencies and skills are, and how leaders can develop to lead effective Smart Working.

The Wellbeing Competence

Ann De BisschopAnn De Bisschop, Author of Countdown to Monday and Wellbeing=Profit, and formerly Director of Wellbeing at Medialaan.

More than ever employers realize that their employees are their greatest capital, as it’s those people who make a difference day after day. So it’s essential for every manager to promote and support their wellbeing, and adopt a proactive policy to support a healthy and happy workforce. Anne in conversation with Philip Vanhoutte takes us through the necessary steps to take this from aspiration to reality.

Happiness as a Competence and the Power of Positive Organisations

Ilaria SantambrogioSilvia Nova, founders of Human Realization

Ilaria SantambrogioSilvia NovaIlaria and Silvia make it their mission to help organisations become healthy, prosperous, positive and connected with nature. Based on the science of happiness, their presentation shows how leaders can create a culture of trust, positivity and innovation, and create work environments where people can flourish and generate results that exceed expectations.

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