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Note the date: July 14 – How to Get the People On Board!

Join us at the July virtual meeting of the UK Smart Work Network! We have a strong People Focus in this session – it’s all about how to get the people on board with Smart Working and embed the required flexibility in the culture and people processes.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) will talk us through their Changemakers programme and how they are embedding a culture of Smarter Working in the Department. And flexible working recruitment specialists WMPeople will talk about the issues of flexible and diverse recruitment (and how to get it right in practice),  the benefits and how it plays a pivotal role in the post-pandemic hybrid world.

The meeting is on:

14 July 2021

10.00-11.30 BST (11.00-12.30 CEST)

Here’s the line-up:

The Changemaker programme and Smarter Working maturity at DCMS

The UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is one of a handful of government department’s given a Smarter Working “mature” assessment by the central government programme. Key to this has been their award-winning Changemaker programme. This involved training and deploying a network of Smarter Working change ambassadors to raise awareness, motivate and inspire everyone in the organisation to adopt the new ways of working.

This put the department in a strong position to make the transition to distributed working during the pandemic. But not only that, it has been central to their facing new business challenges  as the department took on new  employees following Brexit, as they took on many functions that had previously been carried out on a European-wide basis. The Department also works substantially on a project basis, and needs to be agile in forming and reforming teams working closely with partners. Kevin Hobson, Change Team Leader, People & Workplace Directorate at DCMS will provide the insights on this and how he sees the future role of Smarter Working in the work of the Department.

Embedding flexibility in recruitment and people processes

It’s one thing to introduce Smart and Flexible working, another to make it stick. There’s a need to incorporate a dynamic approach to flexibility in the DNA of the organisation. And recruitment is one area where one often sees organisational inertia, and reversion to specifying and advertising posts on a traditional basis – full-time, fixed time, fixed place. WMPeople is one of the original pioneers of helping people looking for work on a flexible basis, and advising employers how to get it right. In 2006 they launched, having recognised a gap in the market, and a wealth of female talent looking to return to work in ways that works for them. They have also been running a prestigious Top Employers award for over a decade, with categories covering Best for Diversity & Inclusion, Best for Flexible Working, Best for career Progression for Women and more. Gillian Nissim, Founder and Mandy Garner of WMPeople will provide insights from their best practice reports, research and cross-sector roundtables about best practice and how the experience of the pandemic is making it more important than ever to embed flexibility into the culture of an organisation.

Panel Session

Each presentation will be followed by a short Q&A, and the final half hour will be a panel session for open questions to the presenters.

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If you are not a member, but work in an organisation implementing smart/agile flexible work and would like to attend, contact Andy Lake ( And do recommend this to colleagues you think will find this session useful!

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