Join us on 25 Feb for latest Smart Work insights

Join us on 25 Feb for latest Smart Work insights

Find out about the world’s largest homeworking survey, Michelin’s virtual work platform, and an innovative “workation retreat” that combines work, life, relaxation and recreation.

The focus in our February European Smart Work Network session is on how work is experienced and supported in the new world of work, and looking at best practice and innovative ideas in this field. It’s on 25th February, 11.00-12.30 CET / 10.00-11.30 GMT.

Here’s the line-up:

Global Homeworking Experience Survey sets agenda for Workhome Design
Tim Oldman, founder and CEO of the Leesman Index, the world’s foremost employee workplace experience assessment benchmark, in conversation with Philip Vanhoutte

Throughout the pandemic, Leesman has been conducting a homeworking experience survey to mirror its workplace experience surveys. The result is rich data (from more than 160,000 responses so far) to provide insights about the relative performance of home and office across a range of activities.
In this session we’ll be examining what this means for the future of workplaces and workhomes, and the steps we should be taking as organisations and individuals.

Setting up Michelin’s Virtual Work Platform:  how it works and how it’s used
Case Study from Guillaume Radenkovic, Global Head of Collaboration Services End User Experience

Over the past year organisations have, in effect, had to transfer the office into virtual workspace. Guillaume Radenkovic will share his experience of how Michelin has harnessed the power of a diverse collaboration toolset to enable work to be carried out across the network. He’ll be looking at the practicalities of managing and monitoring the virtual work platform and guaranteeing quality of service, as well as providing insights into how people are working now, and what beckons for the future.

Coworking in Nature: Deep work heaven to release the Creative in every professional
Case Study from Julianne Becker, Co-Founder of the Workation Retreat Coconat outside of Berlin

While there’s been a focus over the past year on homeworking and how, if or when we can “return to the office”, we mustn’t forget over the past decade there’s been a major increase in both coworking and the phenomenon of the “digital nomad”. We can expect more innovation in these areas to come – and one such is the “Workation Retreat” Coconat near Berlin. Bringing together work, nature, community and hospitality, is this where we’ll all go to re-energise ourselves as work bursts its traditional boundaries?

And as usual there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and raise questions to the panel about any aspect of Smart Working in the Open Session, and the networking session when we keep lines open after the official close of the meeting.

It promises to be another insightful and though-provoking session.


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