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Embedding smart flexibility in the organisation

Best practice, and the WMPeople Top Employers Awards 2022

One of the challenges many organisations find as they move to smarter working is that the people processes don’t necessarily move along in step with the changes. This is not just about drawing up a flexible/smart/hybrid working policy – it’s about thinking through all the issues.

That means issues such as how should a recruitment policy adapt to greater flexibility? What do our hiring managers and recruiters need to take into account when specifying roles and finding the best candidates? How will onboarding work, and mentoring new recruits? How can we “flex-proof” career progression to take account of flexible location, and people on e.g. part-time or variable hours working patterns? How does this impact how we see management competencies?

These and other questions will be coming under the spotlight in our Smart Work Network meeting on July 14th. So do sign up for this to find out more.

Gillian Nissim and Mandy Garner of WMPeople will provide insights, including from their regular industry roundtables and their best practice reports.

The Top Employers Awards are open now – why not enter to celebrate your good practice?

The 12th Top Employers Awards are now open – formerly the Top Employers Awards. There are categories for:

Best for Mental Health – sponsored by Kearney – for employers who demonstrate strong initiatives aimed at protecting their employees’ mental health.

Best for Diversity & Inclusion – for employers who can demonstrate how their actions ensure equality of opportunity for all

Best for Older Workers – for employers who recognise the needs of older workers and ensure that they feel equally valued and supported

Best for Flexible Working – for employers who can demonstrate how they promote and manage flexible workers and encourage a flexible culture in their organisation from day one.

Best for Returners Award – for employers with stand-out programmes or initiatives aimed at returners – those who have taken a career break and are looking to get back into the workplace.

Best for Career Progression for Women – for employers who demonstrate initiatives aimed at developing women’s leadership potential, including women’s networks, mentoring initiatives, outreach, training and return to work programmes.

Best for Family Support – for employers who can demonstrate how they support parents and carers and embrace different forms of family set-up.

SME Award – for small and medium businesses who can demonstrate a real commitment to work life balance practices. This award is split into two by company size.

An Overall Top Employer Award will be chosen from the winners of the other categories.

The deadline for entries is 20th October. More details can be found here

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