You are currently viewing Catch-up: Watch our July 2021 European Open Meeting

Catch-up: Watch our July 2021 European Open Meeting

Creating smart, sustainable and healthy workplaces, using the new ISO standard for acoustic excellence in open-plan environments, and new communications formats for live events were the topics for our July meeting of the European Smart Work Network.

Watch the recording: 

The programme for the session, with timings for the recording are below. Members will be able to download the presentations.

Creating Smart, Sustainable and Healthy Workplaces

David Williams, EMEA Smart Buildings Industry Lead, Microsoft. (1 minute 15 into the recording)

When the lockdown ends, what kind of workplaces will we be going back to – same old, same old? There’s a real opportunity now to make improvements on all fronts to ensure offices are places to support the best experience of work. David led us through the digital innovations that will help to create smart, sustainable, healthy and connected workplaces.

Download David’s presentation (Login required)

The new ISO 22955: Acoustic Quality of Open Office Spaces and Creating a Workplace to Love

Jack Harvie Clark, CEO of Apex Acoustics. (starts at 22 minutes 28)

Extensive surveys show how workplaces are routinely failing people. And one of the biggest identified problems is noise, with an average 34% satisfaction, and over half of offices have satisfaction rates of less than 30%. but what can we do about it? Jack Harvie Clark has been a member of the committee developing the new ISO 22955 standard, which for the first time specifically takes account of open-plan environments and activity-based working, looking at not only the fabric of the workplace but also the need to create human-centred workplaces.. It also has a range of tools to help organisations plan and design for acoustic excellence.

Download Jack’s presentation (Login required)

Getting Closer While Being Apart – New Communications Live Formats

Katarzyna Gaweł-Brudkiewicz, Group Communications Manager, at Ringier Axel Springer Polska.
(starts at 43 minutes 50)

Having a geographically distributed workforce creates a new context for organisational communications. What replaces the in-person events that characterise pre-pandemic ways of working? Katarzyna Gaweł-Brudkiewicz provided insights into the new live event format that are being used at central European media company Ringier Axel Springer to capture the spirit, energy and success of  networking, town halls, social events, awards ceremonies and more.

Download Katarzyna’s presentation (Login required)

As usual, speakers joined a panel to take questions and share further ideas.

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