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<p>Well let me start by THANKING you Andy for your generosity in extending the well-oiled (UK) Smart Work Network to Europe.</p>
<p>You bring the wisdom of an expert and the tenacity of a seasoned coach and teacher.</p>
<p>It feels like you've had a great warming up round the past decade 🙂  GRATEFUL Philip</p>

Original Post by Andy Lake

Welcome to the Smart Work Network Forum

<p>Welcome to the Forum of the Smart Work Network!</p>
<p>We warmly invite you to share your ideas, opinions, progress, challenges, problems and solutions here.</p>
<p>We encourage you to reply to existing Forum posts, add your comments and start new discussions on topics of interest.</p>
<p>It’s the core aim of the network to share knowledge, experience and good practice – so we look forward to hearing from you.</p>