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<p>The Microsoft/Boston Consulting Group survey is an interesting one for sure.</p>
<p>There have been quite a number of other ones this year as well. We have a summary of them here – and will be following up with some interpretation of what the findings mean for future work and workplaces.</p>

Original Post by Michiel van Vliet


<p>Large Western Europe based Survey from Microsoft and BCG on Building resilience & maintaining innovation in a hybrid world</p>
<p>To help provide actionable insights in answer to that<br />question, we commissioned new research in August,<br />asking thousands of employees and business leaders<br />in Western Europe about their experiences of working<br />remotely and about their expectations for the future.<br />The response was resounding: regardless of the<br />course of Covid-19, the workforce will not be going<br />back to business as usual. Leaders see tangible<br />business benefits associated with more flexible<br />working, from increased productivity to increased<br />operational efficiencies. Employees want the social<br />aspects of the office coupled with greater freedom in<br />terms of how (and where) they do their jobs.<br />However, the swift move to remote working has not<br />been without its challenges.<br />The issue has not been around productivity or<br />technology. Rather, it has been a people-focused<br />challenge around maintaining company culture,<br />team cohesion and open collaboration. Employees<br />clearly felt there was a strain on company culture and<br />reported feeling like they were working more in a silo<br />then when they were office-based.</p>