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<p>Yes, "remote" implies you are away from where the main or most important activity is taking place. But in a situation where 80% of people are working from a home base and only 20% are in the office – where is the workplace?</p>
<p>I'm reminded of an EU project I was involved in looking at "eWork and the Law", when one of our German colleagues noted wryly: "We've moved from 'telework' to 'ework'. Now we just have to lose one more letter and we've arrived at the right word. Work!"</p>
<p>The workplace is wherever work is done, and we need to work on the assumptions and the language to ensure every place is seen as equally valid.</p>

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Not so Smart Working

<p>Everyone's talking about "Remote working" and how it's going to solve world poverty. I'm not so sure – there's a big delta between smart and remote! And we should challenge the language – remote suggests inferior. Distributed is more inclusive.</p>