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<p>Yes, I think the open office v closed office debate is somewhat sterile, and we need to look wider at all the places that people can work in.</p>
<p>I know some organisations have been looking more closely at outdoor working – there are a range of suppliers and some bespoke solutions for this. This has partly been prompted by the need for social distancing in some cases. Fresh air, even in a north European autumn, is more in demand!</p>
<p>But bringing nature into the environment with biophilic approaches to workplace design (rather than taking work out into nature) seems a more dominant trend at the moment. We'll have to see what evolves.</p>
<p>First steps though are about really taking on board the extended model of the workplace – the workplace being in effect wherever work is done.</p>

Original Post by Philip Vanhoutte

Here we go again: Landscape office or not ?

<p>No topic has drawn in more opinions, studies and debates than Landscape versus Closed office spaces.  </p>
<p>With the pandemic challenges upon us, there are new elements in the mix, so I welcome hearing your views.</p>
<p>if you ask me … I think it's time to start thinking and experimenting with a mix of individual and team studios … at home, in whatever office and beyond … why not in nature ?</p>